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Sustainable Design isn’t a Passing Fad

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At Terravista we have a strong commitment to sustainability. This commitment starts at the beginning of the design process, continues through installation, and carries on through the life of your landscape. We take a holistic approach to sustainability – it is not just the products that we use, nor the design, it includes the way that you interact with your landscape.

Our design philosophy starts with the Idea of minimal maintenance (the cornerstone of sustainability). This idea includes; smooth bedlines for easy mowing, dwarf plant varieties to reduce pruning, and proper plant placement. We try use native and native type plants in the landscape because we realize that these plants thrive in the areas that they were made to be in.

Our commitment to sustainability continues into the way that we handle storm water on the property, reducing runoff and water pollution. Rain gardens, french drains and permeable paving all help to protect our lakes and streams. We protect our water resources by installing highly efficient drip irrigation systems, which reduce the amount of water needed to maintain plant health.

Local and repurposed materials are employed when possible to reduce the amount of trucking that would be necessary for transport. We also use locally sourced mulches as ground covers, and we top-dress or beds with corn gluten, an organic weed preventative that’s safe for kids and pets.
The idea of sustainability and minimal maintenance are synonymous, the less you have to work on your yard means the more time you have to enjoy it, and in the end, that is exactly what we want.

Eric Baldus
Terravista Design