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Urban Oasis in Nordeast

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  • lush water plantings in deep koi pond water feature

    Pond water is circulated through an ultraviolet filter, making water crystal clear and perfect for swimming

  • waterfall flows from retaining wall through rill to koi pond

    Water flows from falls in the dry laid retaining wall, through rill feature into koi pond

  • reclaimed pavers in modern landscape design

    Use of reclaimed materials adds unusual character to modern garden design

  • wood-fired pizza oven and fondulac stone patio for entertaining

    A wood-fired pizza oven with exterior inspired by Mayan stonework

  • grafted lilac trees as focal point of reclaimed paver patio

    Unique grafted lilacs and astilbe plantings in a reclaimed paver patio

  • runnel connects waterfall to reflecting pool

    Unique runnel feature highiights the influence of Persian garden design in this space

  • landscape lighting and fire pit in cobblestone patio

    Subtle landscape lighting provides atmosphere and highlights plantings

A modern interpretation of a classical Persian garden utilizing reclaimed materials from a local street. Features a Koi pond and a wood-fired oven.

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